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My Work

The following images are of projects that I have completed for class.

My Skills

After almost four years of study at James Madison University, internships, side projects, and leadership roles I have gained a multitude of essential skills for the working world.

About My Skills.

I believe that I have a well-rounded skill set that not only sets me up for a career in the media world, but also as a leader. Outside of school work, I have held three different leadership positions within sorority life. As a freshman, I was the Executive Treasurer of my sorority and managed a budget of over $50,000. As a sophomore, I become President, managing all organization entities and delegating to the executive board. Junior year I was interviewed and slated onto the Panhellenic Executive Council, the governing body of the sororities at JMU. Through Panhellenic I am the Vice President of Membership Education. From these three positions I have learned what it means to be a leader and how to motivate large groups of people. This semester I am also the Promotions and Social Media Intern at Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance (HDR). HDR is a group that promotes downtown businesses and events in Harrisonburg. My responsibilities include producing marketing materials, managing social media accounts and more. I am also auditing the JMU Office of Disability Services website in order to move to the Cascade platform. Although I am busy outside of the classroom, I take pride in my school work and have learned much from my classes. From print design to web coding, I feel that my experiences have made me extremely marketable in the professional world today.

My Skills.

Adobe Creative Suite ( 90% )
90% Complete
Front-End Web Design (80%)
80% Complete
Back-End Web Design (70%)
70% Complete
Social Media Expertise (90%)
90% Complete
Leadership Skills (95%)
95% Complete
Print Design (85%)
85% Complete
Accessibility Knowledge (90%)
90% Complete


  • “Jenny embodies many of the best qualities of a leader. She is thoughtful, able to see the big picture, works diligently for the best interest of her community, and does so with a personality that is witty, engaging and enjoyable to be around. JMU would be lucky to have more leaders like Jenny. ”

    Taylor Symons
    Fraternity and Sorority Life Coordinator, james madison university
  • "Jenny Schmit is the type of leader and person that people are naturally drawn to due to her presence and charisma. Jenny does not need to be the loudest person in the room to be heard or even have a title to be considered a leader. She empowers others by listening to all they are saying and not saying, as well as, is a positive role model and mentor to those she directly works with and even to those individuals who may not know her but want to because she is 'Jenny Schmit.'"

    Pam Steele
    Alpha Sigma Tau Psi Chapter Advisor
    Residence Life Area Director, James Madison University
  • "Jenny Schmit is creative, fun, and hardworking. She is also dedicated to creating accessible environments for all members of our community."

    Matt Trybus
    Assistant Director, James Madison University Disability Services
  • "Jenny always sets up a very high standard for herself and pursues perfection. She is the kind of student that any teacher would hold in the highest esteem."

    Yvette Shen
    Print Communication Design Professor & Award Winning Artist
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